Page 53, Table 2.1

Last line: The formula μ2=G2/E2 is wrong (typing error) and must be omitted.

Page 83, Section “Torsion in beams”, line 3

The sentence „The section remains plane“ is to be omitted.

Page 122, eq. (3.29c)

The elements of the vector ue should be given the superscript (e) as shown in Figure 3.19.

Page 160, Table 3.10

Upper part of Table 3.10 should be replaced by the following Table.

Page 163, Table 3.12

Separating lines should be added, giving

Page 638, Table 5.15, analytical solution

The natural frequencies and periods of the analytical solution given in Table 5.15 in the columns “∞” were incorrectly transferred from Example 5.19. The correct values are those given in Table 5.13 of Example 5.19 on page 633.

Page 457, last line

Write “with a finite radius d” instead of “with a finite radius”

Page 626, line 4

Shear force should be 207 kN instad of 208 kN.

Pages 273 and 287, Figures 4.41 and 4.45

Captions should be “Quadrilateral Element” instead of “Rectangular Element”